Chocolate, for me, is the source of everything. Of pleasure… of course. But also of openness to the world, the integrity of craft, and respect for a noble product that evokes pure emotion. When I opened my first chocolaterie, in 2005, the exaltation of having accomplished my dream was only matched by my desire to share the true joy that chocolate can deliver.


Is there a child who doesn’t love chocolate? My childhood memories, filled with chocolates and pastries, are my daily source of inspiration. Over time, developing my chocolate creations has led to a dialogue with my inner child. I’ve always been an incurable gourmand, and I want to make chocolates so irresistible you can’t help but empty the box, either.


Eventually, my interest in terroir became a passion, and I felt the need to transpose my childhood treats to the New World, rather than importing them. My collections celebrate the classics while reflecting the local products I hold dear: rich cream, fresh butter, flower essences, wild fruit, natural honey and, of course, the iconic maple.