Pure Nacional & Macaé Bars

Pure Nacional Bar

Limited edition

Vintage 2010

68% cocoa minimum

For aficionados

Long believed extinct, Peru Nacional was recently rediscovered, providing new opportunity to enjoy this extraordinarily pure high-quality chocolate. It is conched for 60 hours, using an ancestral technique that brings out all the natural, heretofore unknown fruity, floral and hazelnut flavours of this legendary chocolate.

Macaé Bar

Limited edition

Vintage 2011

62% cocoa minimum

For aficionados

The ancestral varietals of the Forasteros cocoa beans grow in rich, 60-million year old Brazilian forest soil. This Macaé chocolate is subject to a long fermentation and a gentle drying, for an exceptional melt-in-your-mouth texture, as toasted accents of dried yellow fruit, pepper and woodiness give way to a final burst of black tea.

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IngredientsPure Nacional: Dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter).
Allergies alertAll our products may containe nuts, peanuts, milk protein, gluten and soybeans.
ConservationAs indicated on the box